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Landlords: Best Practices for Marketing and Negotiating Your Commercial Property Leases

Today, every landlord must take steps to prepare a property for leasing and to market vacancies when they occur. Prepare to lease space in all your investment properties. Know that vacancies will occur, so prepare for that. The property leasing process moves faster and produces better results when it is started early. You will sometimes […]


A Trade-off is a Good Negotiation Tactic to Use in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage negotiations, concessions are quite common, although you should not provide a concession in a sale or lease without some form of acceptable trade-off.  There will always be situations of movement and opportunity in the other person’s offer.  Act in the best interests of your client and seek a positive trade-off […]

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How to Solve Difficult Industrial Property Lease Negotiations

Have you ever come across an industrial lease where things seem to be ‘going nowhere fast’?  The parties to the deal can be unrealistic and opportunistic.  Both landlords and tenants like to ‘have a win’ but the realism of the property market will not go away (nor should it).  That’s where you step in with […]


How to Handle Tough Tenant Negotiations in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Some tenants in commercial or retail real estate can be tough to negotiate with.  That is largely because they fail to accept market circumstances and negotiation protocols; for their own reasons those tenants can be positioning for ‘their deal’ and hoping to achieve it. So how do you handle a ‘tough tenant’?  It is up […]

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