Achieve Better Listing Results with These Eight Marketing Strategies

In today’s commercial and retail property market there are big shifts and changes to the marketing of listings; strategies are required to encourage more enquiries, inspections and transactions.  Sales and lease transactions are largely started in the first instance through a buyer or tenant getting information from the internet.  They are then fully informed before […]


Learn Exactly How to Create Your Listing Strategy in Commercial Real Estate

What are the alternatives to listing a property?  You can list any commercial, industrial, or retail property openly without much thought, or you can list it with real direction and strategy as a base of conversion.  You could say that it is a bit like starting the listing process with the end targets in mind. […]

Introduction to Marketing Essentials in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

In most towns or cities there are plenty of commercial properties on the market for sale or lease.  On that basis, the promotional process of any exclusive listing must be planned and structured.  More effort must go into the marketing process.  In saying that, there are some key principles to follow and optimize.   When […]


Listing Recovery Secrets – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Sometimes you will have had a listing promoted on the property market with little or no interest.  There will usually be reasons for that including poor promotion, lack of target market activity, overpriced property, poor quality property, or unrealistic client.  Know the reasons then act for resolve. So, you have a choice here as a […]


How to List More Commercial Property

There are plenty of ways to list commercial properties but in saying that, the focus should always be on exclusivity each and every time. Exclusive listings are easier to control and convert into opportunities. Open listings conversely are convenient for the client or the broker, but there is typically little control on the property through […]

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Systems to Follow to Attract Good Quality Commercial Property Listings

In commercial real estate brokerage, you will get better results faster as an agent when you focus on listing quality properties in good locations. That’s a rule that should not be underestimated or overlooked. If you are looking to grow your market share as quickly as possible, focus on quality listings and market yourself to […]

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