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Blueprint for Excellence: Agent Marketing Plan

Think about your real estate brokerage business and what you do daily. How has your real estate market changed in the last 24 months? Where are the properties to be listed now, and how are they being converted? It is a changing property market, and a strategic approach is required. Every agent should have a […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – How to Set Your Winning Listing Priorities

When pitching for a listing, I follow some rules as a guide so I can get the best outcomes from a listing perspective.   Those rules are worth sharing.  This checklist approach can also help you get better results with your properties and clients. (NB – you can get plenty of listing tips in our ‘Snapshot’ […]

The Common Causes of Unsold Commercial Property Listings and How to Solve Them

Like it or not some commercial properties will not sell easily.  You could say that ‘everything sells at a price’ and whilst that is a generally true statement, there are usually some common good reasons for a lack of property sale or a slow sale. What typically happens? All too often you see a client […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Rise Above the Competition and Win More Listings

How to Stand Out in a Noisy Commercial Property Market If you are currently working in commercial real estate brokerage, it is likely that you will have some competitors to work against with listings and clients; the property market will be ‘noisy’ with competitors fighting for the same properties and clients.  Some presentations and listing […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Making the Right Choices in Marketing Quality Listings

In commercial real estate brokerage today, there are plenty of people and other agents promoting listed properties and they are doing so in many different ways. It can be hard to stand out as the agent of choice or the agent with the best listing in the property market today. On that basis, you really […]


Sales Presentation Commercial Real Estate

As listing Commercial property for sale or lease is a competitive process, it is important that written submissions for owners are presented promptly. As part of that, there is plenty of research to do and strategies to develop. Commit to your sales presentation; refine it over time and match it into market circumstances. There is […]

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