How to Get More Commercial Real Listings for Less Effort Based on Trust

In commercial real estate brokerage, the levels of trust that you create with the right people will always help you grow your listing opportunities. Whilst many people may know you as the local broker or agent, they may not know you well enough to trust you when it comes to dealing with a property challenge. […]

Broker Solutions for Commercial Real Estate Listing Overload

From time to time in commercial real estate brokerage you will get busy with listings.  The important thing here is that you are busy with the right property listings and not just a ‘jumble’ of ordinary and random open listings. When the property market is ‘firing’ you must have your listing stock; when the market […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – How to Attract More Quality Listings

In commercial real estate brokerage today there will always be elements of competition when it comes to finding new business opportunities.  Many client presentations will be undertaken through some competitive process and a few agents are likely to be chasing the same business and or client. Other agents will be enticing the interests of the […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Resolving Withdrawn and Expired Listings

It is a fact that some listings will not sell or lease the first time they are put on the market.  It is a common problem that can evolve from a number of issues.  That being said, these listings do have some future opportunity for you as the local agent or broker if you choose […]


Perfect Productivity in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate sales, it is easy to get distracted or diverted from the things that really matter.  Time is your most important resource as a broker or agent as you strive to create listings and commissions.  Don’t let anyone take up your precious time without some reason to do so.  Protect your time […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Real Ways to Focus on Beating Your Agent Competition

When you work in commercial real estate sales and leasing it pays to have a good awareness of your competition and what they are doing with their clients and listings.  The focus in doing so is to know why they have their market share of properties and clients, and to determine if any of that […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Build Your Market Share Directly for Top Results

In commercial real estate brokerage today the broker competition in some locations will be fierce.  Somewhere in your active property market you have to carve out a patch of property activity that can take you ahead and give you reasonable commissions.  Understanding your property alternatives and the local area will help you with that. Assess […]


Logical Street Canvassing and Prospecting Systems in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage it is common to hear both new and experienced agents ask the question about how they can create more new listings.  Given that the property market changes during the year, constant focus on new business is required. Some agents struggle with the required momentum. Have you ever seen an agent […]

The Perfect Cure for a Solving a Market Slowdown in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

From time to time in the commercial real estate market you will see the levels of enquiry slow and change; that is particularly the case when it comes to investment sales and general property sales. There are some seasonal changes of enquiry as the year progresses and every location will be different.  You have to […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Overcoming the Real Problems of Open Listings

Like it or not, ‘open listings’ in commercial real estate are generally a great waste of time.  You have no control over the client, the listing, or the negotiation. It is very difficult to grow your market share on the basis of open listings. You should only accept open listings at the beginning of your […]

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