How to Negotiate for Marketing Funds in Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

So, if you want to be at the top of your sector as a quality agent with a large market share, the message is obvious. Every listing pitch and client presentation should contain a vendor-funded marketing strategy. Vendor Paid Campaign Funds Vendor paid marketing any property listing will help you get the message out into […]


Systems to Follow in Commercial Real Estate Marketing

When you have a commercial property to sell or lease, there are many ways to take the property to the market.  Some promotional methods are better than others.  In today’s podcast, learn how you can optimize your marketing message and your inbound enquiries for each good quality listing.  Here is the podcast:


How to Write Successful Commercial Property Advertising

In commercial real estate brokerage every good quality exclusive listing should be directed at a particular target market. In that way you can optimise the enquiry and the inspection opportunities. Every property advertisement should be tuned to the target market and the local market conditions.  That’s your job! As the property specialist, you are the […]

How to be a Marketing Leader in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

High quality marketing campaigns in commercial real estate produce better levels of inbound enquiry and on that basis can help you grow your listings, commissions, and client base.  If you look at the local media and also online you will see significant differences in the methods of marketing used with different properties. Think about these […]


Vendor Paid Marketing Funds are Critical to Real Estate Agent Results

When you work as a broker or agent in commercial real estate, the marketing funds that you secure from your clients as part of a listing presentation pitch are critical to your listing and commission growth.  It could even be said that if you are struggling with listings and market share now, you are likely […]


Commercial Real Estate Agent Processes – They Help You Build Market Share

When you work as a commercial real estate agent, you should understand that the industry is, in fact, a ‘process’.  To be a top agent you really do need to be an ‘expert in all the stages of that process’.  The clients that we serve require the best agents that really do have their ‘finger […]

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