What You Must Know Before Negotiating Anything

In commercial real estate sales and leasing today, it’s reasonable to expect some things to go wrong within a transaction, so as an agent, stay committed to the deal throughout the entire inspection, negotiation, and closing process. When you think a deal is done, there are still likely to be a number of outstanding issues […]


Negotiation Rules to Close More Deals

Every day in commercial real estate brokerage you will be negotiating through things such as listing, inspecting, marketing, or the many variations of a transaction in sales or leasing. The interactions you have with other people in brokerage are always ongoing. Be prepared for the ‘twists and turns’ of talks and discussions. Some of those […]


How to Get Faster Negotiation Results in Brokerage

The greater the number of listings that you have, or the more active you are in prospecting, there will be a corresponding lift in negotiation requirements across all things.   Some of those negotiations you can prepare for; others not so.  Time in the industry will help you negotiate more effectively, but you can fast track […]


The Negotiating Habits that Could Boost Your Brokerage Business Faster

Every day there are things to negotiate in commercial real estate.  Preparation is the key to negotiation success.   There are different characters and people to adjust to and work with.  Are you ready for the challenge?  Boost your real estate business with ‘expert negotiation skills’.  Prepare for negotiations and situations in advance.   The greater […]

6 Negotiation Tips that Almost Guarantee Success

In commercial real estate every day, there are many negotiation issues to work through.  Some involve clients, while others will involve third parties to a transaction.  You could say that, as a broker of property deals, you can be always learning when it comes to property and the many varied market conditions.  The more that […]

Simple Steps to Solving Your Negotiation Problems in Commercial Real Estate

There are all types of negotiation pressures that we move through every day.  Commercial real estate brokerage is full of decisions and discussions.  Many people have fixed views on desired outcomes when it comes to property.  It directly follows that we all should be refining and practising our negotiation skills on a regular basis. Why […]