How to Create a Marketing Plan and Branding Solution in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage today your brand is twofold and highly important.  Firstly, you have the brand relating to the business that you work for, and secondly, you have the image associated with your personal efforts and client base.  In simple terms, you need to successfully consolidate your property business message on both platforms […]

Key Ideas for a High Quality Marketing Campaign in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate today you really do need to consider the best marketing alternatives for the listings that you promote.  There are (or should be) distinct differences when it comes to the methods of promoting and directly marketing exclusive listings vs. open listings. Exclusivity Matters All or most of your business efforts should be […]

4 Guaranteed Ways to Ramp Up Your Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Marketing will always be a big part of property promotion in sales and leasing brokerage.  That being said, there are many different ways to approach the process.  There is no point in being ordinary in your marketing efforts unless you are working with ‘open listings’.  Any client that gives you (and every other agent in […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – How to Create Momentum in a Commercial Real Estate Sale

Many commercial real estate clients will list their property with the agent that quotes the best potential price as part of the listing pitch.  Whilst a higher price may be a way of capturing the attention and interest of the client, achieving the high price can be a lot more difficult for the agent.  Overstating […]

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