The All Powerful 3 Words in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are just 3 words that summarize the most important skills and important focus issues in commercial real estate.  Listen to the podcast and learn how you can use these words to boost your real estate career.

How to Boost Your Property Results in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When things appear to be slow or difficult in commercial real estate brokerage today, have a serious look at your personal property activities and market circumstances.  Assess the personal performance indicators and observe the trends that are around you.  Can you do better?  How are others going when it comes to listings and commissions? Whats […]


Handling Performance Anxiety in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Many commercial real estate agents suffer from pressure and stress from time to time.  In most cases it happens because they are not doing enough of the most important things to build their business. When the property market is active or you have some deals on, it is very easy to get diverted to the […]

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Commercial Real Estate Sales Agent – Performance Standards for Top Results

In commercial real estate agent sales, you should set performance standards for yourself.  Every day, you should be striving to achieve those standards and benchmarks. I will say that there is a right way and a wrong way to go about this.  Far too many salespeople set targets and standards that are more of a […]

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