The Number One Habit of Productive Real Estate Agents

You can do a lot of things in commercial real estate each day. The question is, ‘Are you doing the right things?’ Every day can be shaped and optimised if you take a deliberate approach to certain things. What is the most productive? In a few words, the ‘productive’ aspect of commercial real estate is […]

Productivity Planning for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage today you need to plan your time and focus accordingly on the things that really matter when it comes to new business and commission generation.  Any distractions that you let in to your business day and diary of activities will take you away from the most important things in your […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Find the Time to Do Your Work Well

In commercial real estate agency there will be days where you will struggle to get things done.  So many other pressures will take over the day and productivity will fall backwards.  You will get to the end of the day and look at your diary only to see a massive list of things that are […]

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