Methods of Sale to Beat the Competition

What is the best method of sale to use in commercial real estate today? The answer will impact your results as a broker or agent. Make the right choices and this audio program today will help you understand how to work with that. When you get the sale process right, the genuine purchasers are in […]

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The Best Four Ways to Sell More Commercial Property Today

What are the best ways to sell commercial real estate now? You have choices and making the right choices will help you move ahead to better enquiry and inspections faster. Look around your property market and see what is happening and how it is working. Listing inventory is the key to commercial real estate progress […]

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How to Create Your Sales Plan Solution in Commercial Brokerage

Every commercial real estate agent should have a sales plan, as it will help them with focus and activity. It is very easy to be distracted or diverted in commercial brokerage in this market. There are just so many hours in the day, and that time is precious. What can you do with that? Half […]

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The Secrets to a World-Class Sales Plan in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, every broker and agent should have a sales plan that focuses activity into certain property types and client types each day. In this changing real estate market, a sales plan like that can help you engage with the right people in the right ways for the right reasons. In this […]


Why You Need a Sales Plan in Commercial Real Estate

If you are a broker in commercial real estate today, you should have a sales plan for your listings and also for yourself. In this ebook, you can read about the ways you can do that with great effect. Note, if you would like more free commercial real estate ebooks like this one below, then […]

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How To Be An Expert With Your Sales Plan in Brokerage

You can get further in commercial real estate brokerage, and do so faster by having a sales plan that you work to every day. In this video, you can learn how to structure your all-important focus on your sales plan. There are different ways to construct a sales plan in commercial real estate. In saying […]

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