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Sales Plan Blueprint for Real Estate Agents

Your sales plan in real estate will help you in developing and maintaining long-term relationships with the right people. That plan or blueprint will be critical to your success as a real estate agent in the coming year.  This video will help you with your long term client relationships and your client connections.  It will help you […]


How to Create a Sales Plan in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

A sales plan in commercial real estate brokerage is a special document that requires care and construction relative to the local property market and the specialist property types that you are familiar with. Use this chart to tap into the right types of clients, properties, and sales activities as part of your real estate career. […]


How to Take the Headache Out of a Sales Plan in Brokerage

Your sales plan in commercial real estate brokerage will help you build momentum in listings and commissions.  Talking to people every day as part of your sales plan and action plan is a good foundation of brokerage momentum. In today’s program, you can learn about the sales planning process and the idea of establishing a […]

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