How to Become an Expert in Shopping Center Security Management

As part of the day-to-day operations of a shopping centre, the security program and services for the property should be specifically designed to protect the asset, the customers, and the tenants. In saying that, any security program once created should be reviewed regularly to identify any changes to the property, the customer factors, and the […]

Shopping Center Managers – How to Set the Rules for a Shopping Center Renovation

Without a doubt shopping centres are the most intense type of investment property to own, lease, and operate.  There are many issues to watch including presentation, occupancy, sales, wear and tear, and customer numbers.  Overall property performance is to be encouraged at all times. A successful shopping centre will generate real benefits for tenants, the […]

7 Tips for Evaluating a Retail Shopping Center Site

Positioning a Retail Shopping Center today into a town or city is a very special process.  There are many ‘checks and balances’ that need to be considered to ensure that the property is successful for the long term in attracting both customers and tenants. As a specialist retail property agent, it is critical that you […]

Retail Shopping Center Characteristics for Successful Property Performance

If you specialise in retail shop leasing, you will need to know about shopping center characteristics for your area and what makes a retail property thrive.  Not all shopping center properties are the same and the competition for customers is high. A regional retail shopping mall or center will have a big impact on surrounding […]

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