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Leasing Brilliance: A Blueprint for Retail Tenant Attraction and Retention

The retail shopping landscape is changing without a doubt. The internet significantly impacts how people shop and what they want when they visit a shopping mall. Tenant retention and leasing strategies are important to property investment performance. Here are ways to do that. Shopping centre and leasing managers face an ongoing strategic challenge with retail […]

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Shopping Centre Management Game Plan

A retail shopping centre can be a complex investment property to manage and lease over time. That then requires specialised centre managers and an ownership strategy incorporating changes in market activity and retail focus. Retail shopping today has changed significantly over recent years and will continue to do so. As online shopping tends to shape […]

Shopping Centre Leasing Shopping Centre Management Shopping Centres

Revitalise Your Retail Shopping Center: Proactive Strategies for Improved Rentals

One way to improve a retail shopping centre is through rental optimisation. That is the rent paid by the tenant(s) and the total for the property throughout the year. If more rent can be produced, then that reflects better occupancy, better tenants, and customer interest and purchasing patterns. Without addressing the tenant mix and occupancy […]

Shopping Centre Leasing Shopping Centre Management Shopping Centres

Sustainability and Profitability: A Game Plan for Shopping Centre Managers

The performance of retail properties and shopping centers is constantly under pressure. This is because there are always plenty of tenants in a retail property, and rental income varies greatly depending on the tenant mix. Tenants may be subjected to business or occupancy pressures. A “game plan” is a good idea for shopping centre managers […]


Systems to Follow When Inspecting a Shopping Centre

A retail shopping centre is a unique property type and there are a few things to look at and understand if you are to take a retail property to the market in sales, leasing, or project activity. Each of these three retail categories will give you trends to capture and monitor as part of your […]

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