How to Convert Vendor Paid Marketing

Some property owners and clients, fail to understand or accept the real estate marketing realities of today and seek to save money when they sell. They forget about the ‘big picture’ and the end result that they are seeking. Vendor paid marketing requirements always improve property enquiry. What happens here? It is seemingly more important […]


How Objectives in Commercial Real Estate Marketing Bring Results

When working with a listing and with a new client, your focus on handling the listing with a particular promotional strategy will be a key part of keeping things on track.  The objective approach works well. Ultimately you want all your efforts pointing towards a successful outcome with your listing and for your client.  Exclusive […]

Charts Marketing

Practical Marketing Chart for Commercial Real Estate Agents

In commercial real estate today, there are plenty of things to think about when it comes to marketing a property and to market yourself as an agent in a location. In this marketing chart by John Highman, we give you the main categories of activity to understand and work into as an agent in a […]


Heres What You Should Do For Your Marketing in Brokerage

There are plenty of things that you can do in commercial real estate brokerage to market a property and yourself. Somewhere in that process will be the idea of connecting with a target market.  Target marketing always produces better results when you tune your media. Talking to people is the key focus in building your […]

A Schedule of Key Marketing Strategies to Use in Commercial Property

If you want a good market share and build some solid commissions as an agent then it’s time to look at your marketing and networking efforts with your listings. There are some ‘leverage points’ that you can use in your real estate business. It just needs some strategies. Your current listings are the foundation of […]


How to Drive Your Real Estate Business Forward with Better Marketing

The marketing tools that we have at our disposal in commercial and retail real estate today are many. Online and offline marketing strategies are valuable systems to apply to your brokerage business. Frequency and diversity are important elements of your property marketing, both personally for your business profile, and also for your listings. So, the […]

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