Marketing Podcast

Leverage – The Strength of Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are always different things that you can do in commercial real estate brokerage from a marketing perspective. Importantly, you can boost your exposure with good quality listings into the local area. In today’s podcast, we share ideas regards your sales pitch and your marketing processes. In the podcast today the separate topics are: Developing […]

Brokerage Podcast

How to Meet the Challenge in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In today’s commercial real estate podcast program you can learn about the five particular factors that tend to drive more opportunity for brokers around the world when it comes to sales and leasing activity. You can use these 5 particular strategies in your business and in your location.  As part of this brokerage program today […]


A Handy Checklist Approach for Leasing Properties to Franchise Businesses

There are plenty of commercial real estate opportunities in targeting franchise businesses from a leasing perspective.  The facts of the matter are that a franchise type business will in many cases want a property to operate from; they have special property needs to suit business models. (NB – you can get our leasing tips and […]

Overcoming Stress and Downturns in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The commercial property industry is just like any other sales related career. You can be swamped and stressed by the pressures of performance and opportunity. Without a plan of attack and a consistent strategy towards new business development, it is very likely that you will struggle, and that can only lead to a downturn in […]

Prospecting Letters at the Push of a Button in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, prospecting letters are a very powerful source of new business leads and listing opportunities.  For this reason it is important that you are able to send your prospecting letters at the ‘push of a button’ and in a frequent way.  Database software will help you do that. What is the […]

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