Critical Business Skills in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Today

The essential business skill that agents need today as we move ahead is that of putting people and properties together. It is a matter of finding and putting transactions together, along with supporting local area information.  We can research and optimise local knowledge for that. Converse and Question Conversations and connections will help you find […]


Building a Better Brokerage Business Part 1

There are many things to think about in commercial real estate, especially if you are starting up in a new location or about to commence your career as an agent. In this series of videos, you can learn about some of the key factors of investigation to get your real estate business underway in the […]

Tips for Reputation Management in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As you work in commercial real estate you will soon understand that those agents and brokers with good quality reputations and ‘track records’ of success are usually those that continue to thrive in any property market and at any time.  The reason for this is simple; the clients that they serve want the best agents […]

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