Using the Buying Signals in Brokerage to Full Advantage

There are some valuable buying signals to watch in commercial real estate sales.  That is especially so as the property cycles and market start to move again.  Look for the rebound of enquiry and buyer interest, as it will be there.  Talk to lots of people and make that the ‘golden rule’ of your business […]

Proven Strategies to Work with More Buyers in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The investment segment of the commercial property market can be very lucrative and rewarding for brokers and agents. There will always be investors seeking to acquire, improve, and dispose of commercial, retail, or industrial assets.  (NB – you can get more client and investor tips in Commercial Real Estate Snapshot right here)   If this […]


Tips for Being a Buyers Agent in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In the commercial property industry, the role of a buyer’s agent is quite specific and professional.  That being said, focus on the larger clients and the businesses in your local area as part of the process. Quality is the key when it comes to working as a buyer’s agent.  You should work for those clients […]

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