How to Re-engineer Your Commercial Real Estate Career for Results

You can re-engineer your commercial real estate career at any time to improve opportunities with clients and listings. In this podcast today, we share some specific and proven strategies relating to sales and leasing activity in brokerage. You can use these strategies to tap into the better quality buildings in your location and the clients […]

How to Launch Your Successful Commercial Real Estate Career

In commercial real estate brokerage today, the property market will change throughout the year in many different ways. You can work with those factors of change to tap into new clients and new listings. It is a matter of understanding how the market is changing and how you can match those variations into your professional […]

Brokerage Sales

Career Change in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage today, it is not unusual for some agents and the brokers to change employer from time to time.  That will be for a variety of reasons including better market share, administrative support, and commissions.  There is no point in working for or brokerage that doesn’t give you the necessary back-up […]


Career Tip – How to Change Commercial Real Estate Agency and Why

In commercial real estate agency you sometimes strike the problem of deciding what to do when your employer doesn’t seem to be doing the right thing with support for the agency team.  You have the choice to stay on and tolerate the problems, or you can find another agency.  Don’t take too long to make […]

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