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The Top 5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Career in Commercial Real Estate Sales

Commercial real estate as a career is full of opportunities for motivated and skilled people. Progress and success in the industry all comes down to the ability of the individual agent or broker to develop a working system and refine and improve that system over time. Let’s look at that. There are considerable differences between […]

The Brokerage Planner to Enrich Your Real Estate Business

When you consider your property market and your real estate targets, there are a number of things to work through. There are things that you can do to rectify market pressures and help you progress with listings and clients. Every day you can be moving forward in your activities in real estate. Every day can […]

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Blueprint Career Development in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are things to watch and things to do if you are looking to build some reasonable personal momentum with listings, property, and clients.  A planned approach is a good way of moving ahead individually as an agent or broker; to achieve momentum a full period of 12 months can […]


The 9 First Steps for Your Commercial Real Estate Career

You can do very well in commercial real estate today if you are prepared to take on the challenges of professional skill development, property knowledge, and market awareness. There are many different career paths to take, all of which involve the different property types, investment types, client profiles, and property improvements.   You could say that […]


Essential Career Planning for Commercial Real Estate Agents in 2014

With the commercial real estate market about to enter another year, now is the time to think about personal goals and targets.  With the commercial property market showing some solid activity in many towns and cities, there are some opportunities to be sourced by brokers and agents. We are now entering an ‘ordinary’ market.  That […]

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