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A Step by Step Checklist for Sales Agents in Commercial Real Estate

A successful marketing and sales approach for commercial or retail properties requires a solid strategy to generate optimal interest and inquiries in today’s economy and market. Given the current shortage of property inquiries and buyers, it is crucial to maximise the potential of listing first and, secondly, the incoming inquiries resulting from your marketing efforts….

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Checklist Questions for Interviewing Property Investors

Commercial property investors all have particular needs. We are working with many investors at any one time, and tracking those needs can be confusing. What’s your approach to that? When you match the right property investor to the right property situation, you generally have a property transaction of one type or another. Think about it….

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How to Choose the Best Methods of Sale with Industrial Property

When you are to sell an industrial property, there are things to think about and strategies to apply.  In this video we discuss the methods of sale, but also the investigations that you should undertake of the local area. Boost your industrial property listing results using some of these ideas.  Know your property precinct, the…

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Industrial Property Listing Tips for Brokers and Agents

Listing an industrial property is relatively easy when compared to office buildings and retail buildings.  It does however help if you have a checklist approach to inspecting the property when pricing and inspecting it. (NB – you can get our free industrial property training in ‘Snapshot’ right here) The industrial segment of the investment property…

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Commercial Real Estate Brokers – The Golden Rules to Creating an Industrial Property Checklist

Many commercial real estate brokers at the start of their career will get involved with selling and leasing industrial property.  In most cases, the property segment is the easiest to understand and transact.  In most towns or cities, many local businesses regularly look to move or expand, given the pressures of business activities; so there…

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A Handy Industrial Property Checklist for Brokers and Agents

As a property type, industrial is quite basic and straightforward to understand and work with.  It is commonly the first level of investment for many investors as they move away from residential property.  That being said, it is also a property type that brokers and agents move to as they seek to initially grow market…

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Industrial Property Agents – Do a Local Business Evaluation Survey for Your Prospects

When you sell and lease industrial property, the buyers and tenants that we work with may know little about the local area in which the property is located.  For this reason, you should prepare a generic ‘evaluation survey’ of the local area and business community.  This document as it relates to an industrial property will…

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