Example of a Client Creation System

Your client list in commercial real estate is the foundation of just about everything you want to do and can achieve in the business. If success in commercial real estate is your focus, then read on. Spend more time in building your list of clients and use that list every day to produce more conversations. […]

Brokerage Videos

The Client Contact System That Drives New Business

If you are looking to grow your real estate business, then you must apply a client contact model to your real estate day and activities. In this video today, John Highman shares the fundamental rules and principals behind client contact and shows you how that can work in your real estate day. Note: You can […]

Podcast Sales

The Advantages of a Good Quality Client Contact System

In today’s podcast, you can learn how to build a client contact system that can produce plenty of leads and clients over time. Use the specific strategies in the podcast to do new and better things as part of your real estate business. It is so important to put clients at the centre of your […]


How to Identify Important Clients in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Any commercial real estate business is one of variation and complexity.  Good people with good ideas and skill are required in the team.  There are clients and properties to understand as you probe the market conditions and changes.  Somewhere in that equation will be the opportunity of commissions and listings in your town or city. […]


Customer Engagement Examples that Work in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In any commercial real estate brokerage, it is critical that new customers and clients be engaged with in some way or form by all agents.   Over time that engagement creates leads and commission opportunities; conversations with people create opportunities.  It is a simple rule to work with, and it is controllable at a personal level.  […]

Brokerage Marketing

Easy Ways to Establishing a VIP Client Group

In commercial real estate brokerage, you should build a VIP group of people within your database. You can serve that group specifically and directly with tuned property information of relevance. Having worked with many different types of clients over the years, I have seen some strange situations and have worked through some difficult client challenges. […]

Educate Your Clients About Commercial Property Investment

There are so many things going on in the commercial property market at any one time that you can and should maintain regular updates for your clients on the many different market indicators.  The serious and genuine clients like to know how things are changing and where the next investment opportunities are.  Information will help […]

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