Five Things You Should Know About Your Sales Plan

A sales plan in commercial real estate is essential to personal progress and is the key to getting traction in any location or property market.  It is a fact that we all get distracted in our business, and priorities shift or are ‘overridden’ by other things.  That is why the plan is so important to […]

Ultimate Cheat Sheet for Career Results in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

You can waste a lot of time in commercial real estate if you do not focus most of your efforts on the things that matter. Career results matter in a constant way for all brokers and agents.  Priorities at a personal level are foundational in getting results.  Those priorities should be directed to the things […]

Segmentation Advantages in Prospecting for New Commercial Real Estate Business

When you segment your new business prospecting in commercial real estate brokerage, you can improve your conversions simply because you are then able to focus on who you are talking to and what should be said to activate their interest or questions.   Client Contact Segmentation You can call this a process of ‘highly selective’ […]


Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – How to Exceed Your Targets and Goals in Investment Sales

There is no doubt in my mind that investment sales as a segment of the commercial real estate market is or can be very lucrative for most brokers and agents.  That being said, it requires total respect and specialisation if results are to be established and improved.  It is a special part of the property […]

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