How to Plan Your Calls in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, having a plan to making outbound calls is a good thing.  You can convert more new business when you have that focus.  It’s all about making outbound calls to new people that you haven’t connected with before, and then also the people you already know and have reached out to […]

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How to Canvass Commercial Real Estate Clients Today

Just about every agent is looking for new listings at the moment. That focus is because the stock is slow to come to market and investors are deciding what to do with their properties and or investment activities. The common question asked today is ‘If I sell my property now, what will I get to […]

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Effective Marketing Techniques for New Business in Commercial Brokerage

Right now, is an excellent time to be looking for commercial, industrial, and retail real estate listings.  It is becoming a ‘sales’ market, and some people want to sell, whilst others want to buy.  Prices will change, and the pressures of the market and finance will take care of that.  Our job is to find […]

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The Best and Most Simple Cold Calling Script Ever

It is no secret that you can generate lots of new business in commercial real estate by making outbound cold calls. It is the system behind that which will help you get more momentum and results. In the podcast today, John Highman shares the simple and easy process of making direct prospecting calls to the […]

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How to Get More Vendor Paid Marketing Funds with New Listings

When you have a property to lease or sell, the way in which you approach that will be greatly enhanced with vendor paid marketing funds. Getting the message out about the property, its improvements, and the features of the sale or lease is just so important. Today, in this podcast, John Highman shares six strategies […]


Solving Cold Call Reluctance in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

When you work in a commercial real estate agency, the cold calling process is part of a required prospecting model. Every salesperson should be making cold calls every working day to new people that they have not spoken to before.  That being said, many salespeople struggle with the process and the call mindset. Many agents avoid the […]

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