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The Best and Most Simple Cold Calling Script Ever

It is no secret that you can generate lots of new business in commercial real estate by making outbound cold calls. It is the system behind that which will help you get more momentum and results. In the podcast today, John Highman shares the simple and easy process of making direct prospecting calls to the […]


The Cold Calling Facts that Get Results Faster in Brokerage

Doesn’t really matter what you say but rather how you say it when making cold calls. Conversational confidence will carry any cold call through to a successful or reasonable result.  The results that you want are meetings, leads, and listings.  So plan to get your call system established in your diary in commercial real estate […]


Essential Scripts to Practice in Commercial Real Estate

There are some advantages to be gained in practising things in commercial real estate brokerage, and one such thing is your ‘dialogue’, particularly so, when it comes to certain listing or business situations. You can develop some scripts and words to use in your client and customer interaction.  Everything can be targeted.  You can practice […]


The Real Facts About Cold Calling Scripts and Why You Don’t Need Them

Cold calling can be a challenge for many a commercial real estate broker or agent.  The facts of the matter is that cold calls have to be made if you want to get anywhere in commercial real estate today. Today the telephone is a valuable prospecting tool for new business for most brokers and agents. […]

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