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Canvassing Questions for Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate

When you make cold calls today in commercial property or brokerage, have a set of questions ready to use when you know the person has a need or an interest in property investment or occupancy. This list will help you with your questions. Get Your Commercial Real Estate Resources here…. Strategy and Action will Take […]

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Simple and Easy Steps to Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

To win plenty of new business in commercial real estate, there are certain things you can do and should focus on. The telephone prospecting process is a good way to start. What is the message here? In making calls you will efficiently connect with people across your territory that you have not reached out to […]

Cold Calling Tips – Be a Champion of Call Prospecting in Commercial Real Estate

Commercial real estate call prospecting is quite special, and so it should be.  You are working with valuable property listings, and highly intelligent clients and prospects.  You must be a specialist of commercial property for your location to make cold calling work.  Make the calls (lots of them) but also ensure that your skills are […]


4 Cold Calling Tips You Must Know in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

The cold calling process in commercial real estate brokerage is quite specific and specialized. You can always generate plenty of new business through the cold calling process and direct prospecting in your town or city. That being said, there are certain things that you need to know if the process is going to work for […]


Make Cold Calling a Success

Here are some tips to help make cold calling a success in commercial real estate brokerage. There are some special processes and skills to be developed if call prospecting is to be effective in commercial real estate agency and brokerage today. If you are looking to improve your real estate business then this audio program […]

How to Set up for Cold Calling Success

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are specific things that you can do in cold calling that will help you make your telephone prospecting efforts more successful. This is a short commercial real estate training program in Cold Calling by John Highman.


Why You Should Get the Hard Things Done First Every Day

There are some things that commercial real estate agents hate to do.  As a direct result many agents struggle with creating personal market share and achieving new listings.  Take a look at the things that are a challenge to you or perhaps those that you just avoid. Having worked with many agents for some years, […]

Cold Call Perfection in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage the cold calling requirement is high particularly if you want more business in property sales or leasing.  It is increasingly the case that the traditional prospecting letter and direct mail is of lessening impact as technology and communication becomes more direct and electronic.  Be prepared to make lots of calls […]

3 Key Factors to Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate

In making lots of cold calls in commercial real estate you can build your client base and your chances of growing your listing base.  That being said you do need to practice the process.  Every day you should be improving what you say, how you do it, and the habits of doing it at the […]

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