Dont forget about New Business Prospecting in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, you simply cannot forget about prospecting through the year and at all times. Every day a degree of personal prospecting should be undertaken within your location and within your specialized property types. A decline or a slowdown in prospecting will create shifts and changes in listing conversions and commission incomes; […]

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Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Why a Collection of Action Targets will Give You Market Traction

Too many commercial real estate brokers and agents just focus on what they have done (or what they want) with commissions.  They look at the end result with very little understanding of what really matters in the middle of the equation.  The commissions will generally come to those agents that take specific actions and refine […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – An Important Lesson in Cold Calling and Prospecting

The cold calling process is critical to the momentum and the success of any commercial real estate agent today.  At an individual level, every agent should have a cold calling strategy that they can implement every day.  Talking to new people will help you build a number of fresh leads and opportunities within property types […]

Packaging and Marketing Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Services

In commercial real estate brokerage you will need some good marketing material to help support your regular prospecting and client contact strategies.  You certainly do not need a lot of promotional material but you should have some that you can use quickly and effectively; your business card is perhaps the most relevant and useful business […]

Making Cold Calls in Commercial Real Estate

If you have chosen commercial real estate as your career, you will soon understand the high value of having a database and many clients.  Unfortunately and at the start of your career you will have few people to talk to and in most cases absolutely no market share to work with.  This then says that […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Why Do You Hate Cold Calls?

It is an interesting question to ask.  Why do you hate making cold calls in commercial real estate?  It is a common problem and yet the cold calling process has such significant benefits for commercial real estate agencies and salespeople.  Some of the bigger benefits are more clients, better leads, quality listings, and growth in […]

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