How brokers can list commercial property

Learn how to list commercial property more effectively and directly. Get all the facts about the asset, the client, the property, and the precinct. John Highman shares listing tips as part of commercial real estate training online. Listing commercial property can be confusing, especially if the asset, the location, or the clients situation is confusing […]

6 Key Internet Marketing Principles for Commercial Real Estate Agents

The internet is now a significant part of the commercial real estate business.  Agents and salespeople should not take it for granted but use it productively and professionally.  There are special things that can be done to attract personal profile and listing relevance on the internet. So what do most agents do on the internet?  […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – What is a Listing Slump and How to Fix It

In the commercial real estate market every year, you will come across slumps in listings.  It happens to most salespeople at some stage and sometimes it can be an all too frequent a problem.  Talk about peaks and valleys in the real estate business!  They happen, but they are resolvable. So lets cut out the […]

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