How to Reinvent Good Quality Commercial Property Marketing

All too often you see commercial or retail properties advertised for sale or lease with a soft message or a very mediocre advertising layout or property description.  The fact of the matter is that many property agents and salespeople have no real training in creating high-quality advertising copy.  That then creates a problem in the […]

How to Write Successful Commercial Property Advertising

In commercial real estate brokerage every good quality exclusive listing should be directed at a particular target market. In that way you can optimise the enquiry and the inspection opportunities.   Every property advertisement should be tuned to the target market and the local market conditions.  That’s your job!   As the property specialist, you […]

How to Design Effective Marketing Campaigns in Commercial Investment Property

Taking an Investment Property to the market is something that needs careful consideration. The first six weeks of the campaign are the most important when it comes to connecting with the right people locally. In that short period of time you need to attract the right people to the property listing, create inspections, qualify interested […]

Valuable Checklist for Commercial Real Estate Marketing

The marketing process in commercial real estate is quite specific and important if you want to reach out to the right targeted tenants or buyers in creating enquiry.  At any given point in time there are plenty of listings on the market both in sales and leasing.  The levels of competition can be high across […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Tips for Improving Your Advertising Results and Marketing Efforts

In commercial real estate brokerage, the advertising layouts that you adopt will be of great assistance to lifting the volume of enquiry that you create.  The fact of the matter is that property advertisements can be (and are usually) far too generic, thereby having little by way of attraction to pull in the enquiry. Your […]

Commercial Real Estate Agents – Change What Your Client Thinks About Property Marketing

The marketing process in commercial real estate should be special and specific to the property.  In essence you must make the marketing campaign stand out as a critical requirement in solving the client’s property challenge. Help your clients change the way they see the value of the campaign and show them how important it is […]

The Opportunity in Target Marketing in Commercial Real Estate

There are plenty of things to be learned by and through target marketing in commercial real estate brokerage.  Certain types of properties, improvements, services, and amenities will be on the ‘top of the list’ when it comes to attracting buyers and tenants; the newer property developments are also likely to have the abundance of enquiry […]


Essential Marketing Choices for Your Clients in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When it comes to the marketing and promotion of a commercial or retail property, you should give your clients some choices when it comes to promotional activity.  Whilst you may know the best marketing tools to use, you can mix and match those tools to suit the clients budget and or priorities.  When the client […]

Capturing Responses from Your Commercial Real Estate Marketing

In commercial real estate agency, you must have a response mechanism for all of your marketing activities.  The response mechanism should be well chosen and supported by the sales team and the administrative team. So the response mechanisms typically used are the following: E-mail Mobile telephone Office telephone Specially designed website Generic agency website E-mail […]

Marketing Innovation in Commercial Real Estate Agency Today

The marketing process in commercial real estate today needs to be quite innovative and specific to the property type.  There are so many competing listings remaining on the local property market as unsold and vacant.  Your property listing needs to stand out to the target audience as the quality property that it is. The time […]

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