Personal Career Plan in Commercial Real Estate

When you work as a commercial real estate broker or agent, there are plenty of things to do and many other things to balance out. Somewhere in all of that is the need for simplicity. Simplicity drives results. Complexity in commercial real estate is a bad thing. It pays to plan your day and your […]

Ideas for Shaping Your Destiny as a Commercial Real Estate Agent Today

In commercial real estate brokerage, the results that you achieve will be largely influenced by the personal processes and efforts you apply in your local property market. Some agents make the big mistake of focusing on too many issues at once and on that basis achieve only random results. If you want get anywhere with […]

The Balance of Risk and Reward in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Brings Opportunity

There is plenty of risk in commercial real estate brokerage.  The same can be said for rewards for agents and brokers.  The rewards and particularly commissions only come after a degree of risk taking.  The trick is to take those risks in a controlled way so they do not impact growth of market share and […]

How to Build a Career as an Agent in Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales

The commercial real estate investment sales market can be highly lucrative and rewarding for agents and brokers. That being said, if this is a segment of the market of interest to you, take the time to understand investment strategies and results relating to property types locally.  Look at how properties have changed over the years […]

How to Start a High Quality Commercial Real Estate Business Today

You can start a good commercial real estate business if you focus on specific property knowledge, people, and the marketing systems to get the right message into the local area.  As to how large the ‘local area’ should be for you is a question that really depends on the skills in your office and the […]


Commercial Real Estate Agent Career Tips

In commercial real estate agency part of your role as a leasing agent or sales agent should be in providing financial improvement in a property.  Most investment property owners require financial performance from the net income of the property.  That will involve some or all of the following: Leasing of vacant space in a property […]

Business Planning Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Career Now

Now is the time to consider just how you can build your commercial real estate career for the year.  Every agent and salesperson should have a plan and a process that they work to every day. A salesperson without a plan in our industry is like a car without wheels.  It will not move ahead […]

Brokerage Career

Commercial Property Agent Career Job Description

When you run a commercial real estate agency or operate as a commercial salesperson, the activities that you undertake every day are critical to the overall momentum and success that you have in the industry. On that basis, it pays to establish a job specification early in your career so that you stay within the […]

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