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The 6 Essential Broker Skills in Commercial Real Estate Today – Chart

I have spoken at many conferences around the World to Brokers and Agents over the last 15 years about personal skills and focus.  I know that there are just 6 key skills that really matter in our industry, and I tend to encourage brokers to deal with that and address the improvement opportunities personally. When…

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Create Some Marketing Intensity – Commercial Real Estate Agent Chart

Let’s focus on some real marketing intensity!   When you need to market something in sales, leasing, or property management, there are some good and bad ways to do it.  This chart should help you stay on track and improve your results. Look at your own marketing efforts and see if you can focus more….

Marketing Mind-map for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

The marketing process in commercial real estate is quite specific.  In saying that, every agent and broker should develop their own ‘one on one’ marketing program. I put together this personal prospecting and marketing chart to help all my online friends get started in this form of personal promotion. The same rules apply to sales,…

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