Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Strategies to Build Your Strategic Alliances Locally

In commercial real estate brokerage you really do need to know the right people in the right ways.  Understanding your property type and location will help you identify the right people and interact with them.  Build your strategic alliances in an ongoing way so that you can grow your personal brand as a top agent […]


Answering All Your Questions about New Client Relationships in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If you want a reasonably successful time in commercial real estate brokerage, then build your business around clients and client services.  Match your skills to the requirements of the clients today and the pressures of your property market.  Focus on controlling good quality listing stock; in that way people have to come to you with […]

Ways to Really Improve Customer Service and Results in a Commercial Real Estate Team

Customers are at the very core of the successful commercial real estate office. Over time those customers can bring in new business leads and opportunities with listings. Every customer should be encouraged to transact multiple times across sales, leasing, and property management. In saying that, the concept requires a productive and proactive commercial real estate […]

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