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Terrific and Simple Ideas for More Commercial Listings Today

There are plenty of commercial real estate listings out there today. It’s just that the property market has changed, and we need to adjust it to that. There are plenty of people out there thinking about their next purchase, their sales situation, and potential values for any potential sale. The commercial property market is now […]

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The Action Idea That Can Create More Commercial Listings

Agents are always looking for new listings to sell or lease; its part of the business and the working week. As part of that, every agent should have a strategy that they can stick to and refine over time. In today’s podcast, we share a basic and yet effective idea that can create lots of […]


Engage Your Prospecting Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage for Top Results

If you have chosen commercial real estate has a career, you will need to establish a prospecting model at a personal level.  Every working day that prospecting activity needs to occur to help you build your market share and opportunities.  Failure to start the process will delay your results and commissions. Approximately 1/3 your day […]

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