A Valuable Story from Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Your customer list in commercial real estate brokerage is valuable in so many different ways.  Without a good list, you are in serious career trouble.  To prove the point, here is a story from the property market worth sharing. An Agent Story Recently I took a telephone call whilst driving to an appointment (hands-free conversation), […]

The Rules of Success in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage today, there will always be plenty of competition and challenges to deal with at an individual level. That being said, every agent should have a specific plan of approach that is prepared well in advance prior to the beginning of each financial year; that plan should contain business targets and […]

The 4 Essential Factors of Commercial Real Estate Agent Performance

Results that you achieve in commercial real estate brokerage will largely be driven by factors of personal performance. In essence to achieve good results in the industry you are bringing together personal stamina, mindset, and professional business skills. When you really understand that process, you can improve your focus and momentum in the market place. […]

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