High Quality Listing Presentations in Commercial Real Estate

The listing presentation that you make in commercial real estate can and should be highly focused on the client and the property.  Your preparation, local market knowledge, and relevance are the keys to making the presentation process successful. If you really want the listing then you will need to commit to the listing facts in […]


Your Client Says Your Commission is Too High – Solution for Commercial Real Estate Agents

When you are appointed to sell or lease a commercial property, the fact of the matter is that some clients will try to push you and your commission to lower values in comparison to other agents.  The client wants a ‘bargain’, but what they really want more is a result from your promotion and marketing […]

Top Presentation Tips for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Most commercial real estate agents will be presenting and pitching their services in one form or another weekly if not daily.  The fact of the matter is that you must have a top presentation system that is relevant to the property and powerful when it comes to converting the client to use your agency. Unfortunately […]

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