New Years Resolution Facts for Commercial Real Estate Agents

Every year around now we get to the point of making some new years resolutions in our personal life. They are usually the things that we know we can do and should do. We also know that they will take some effort, and the results that we get from doing them would be significant. In […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – The Golden Rules to Creating an Industrial Property Checklist

Many commercial real estate brokers at the start of their career will get involved with selling and leasing industrial property.  It is in most cases the property segment that is the easiest to understand and transact.  In most towns or cities, many local businesses are regularly looking to move or expand given pressures of business […]

Accurate Methods of Researching Your Commercial Property Market Brings Results

If you take the time to research your market thoroughly and completely, you will find plenty of opportunities to work on in commercial real estate sales and leasing. When things get tough and slow with clients and commissions, the best thing to do is talk to more people and focus on finding fresh opportunity.  That […]


Search for the Right Ways to Improve Your Commercial Real Estate Agent Performance

One of the big challenges in real estate agency is performance, and that is how to stay focused on the right things that help bring you the right business leads and opportunity.   Search for ways to stay on track and on task.  Understand the things that work for you and do those things every day.  […]

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