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A Better Way to Set Strategic Priorities in Commercial Real Estate This Year

As this new property market ‘opens up’ and the people we work with require sales and leasing activity, the best way forward in brokerage involves setting and sticking to particular priorities. Commercial real estate will offer plenty of opportunities this year. Finding them is a matter of setting those priorities at a personal level. Top […]


Critical Business Skills in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Today

The essential business skill that agents need today as we move ahead is that of putting people and properties together. It is a matter of finding and putting transactions together, along with supporting local area information.  We can research and optimise local knowledge for that. Converse and Question Conversations and connections will help you find […]


Commercial Real Estate Agents – Get Reunited with Your Property Market and Clients

In commercial real estate brokerage it is easy to get distracted and diverted on a daily basis into things that are time consuming and not necessarily income producing.  The pressures of working with property listings, clients, and inquiries will shift your priorities in many ways as an agent or broker.  Be careful how you manage […]

Clear Strategies that Help You Achieve Your Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Goals

When people enter the commercial real estate industry for the first time, they usually have high aspirations and intentions to build results and market share.  All of that is quite good however certain things are still required to move ahead and upward in commercial real estate brokerage; the competition is strong and the challenges of […]

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