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How to Improve Your Client Negotiations in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Every property sale or lease in commercial real estate is impacted by negotiations in several ways. Think about the elements of listing, marketing money, inspections, offers, and the actual lease or contract as the case would be. Knowing the Property and the People One property listing will go through several stages of negotiation, so be […]


How to Tap Into More Corporate Clients

So, many companies today are looking at the ways they use and occupy space, where that space is, and how cost-effective that is for them. They are ‘cost aware’ with occupancy costs and budgets related to their businesses.  Efficiencies are important and they need property experts to help them with that.  That is where you […]


Commercial Real Estate Online – Podcast 2019 Episode 23

In today’s podcast you can learn how to focus and improve your Commercial Real Estate Listing Sales Pitch and Presentation Strategy.  You can get or listen to the Podcast below:

246 Secrets to Lead Generation in Commercial Property

In commercial real estate brokerage, simple things and strategies lead to opportunities. John Highman tells you how to create more leads for listings and clients. Commercial real estate skills training. MP3 File

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