Cold Calling Techniques Set the Trend in Commercial Real Estate Growth

If you are looking to achieve better market share in commercial real estate, then the cold calling process is perhaps the fastest and most effective way to do it. In saying that, there are some new communications skills to learn and ideas to develop. It is a personal process, that cannot be delegated. When you […]

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Cold Calling Formula by Numbers for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

Cold calls are the easiest and best way to build your real estate business.  Commercial property owners, investors, and business leaders should be called every day.  If you are not doing that, then you are ‘leaving money on the table’. The property market is always under change, and as agents, we should be changing with […]

Prospecting Sales and New Business Guidelines in Commercial Real Estate

The prospecting process in commercial real estate sales and leasing is quite special.  If you are not prospecting for new business in a successful and direct way, then this report will help you get that traction with the right people and on the right properties.  It is a good property market, and in most towns […]


3 Effective Laws of Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Prospecting

Every agent or broker working in commercial real estate should have a prospecting model that they activate every day.  There is really no other way to find new business in the industry than by getting a prospecting and marketing program underway.  Luck doesn’t work in commercial real estate brokerage.  When luck happens its a good […]

How You Can Solve Cold Call Reluctance Faster in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you work in commercial real estate brokerage, the concept of cold calling is (or should be) high on the list of skills to learn.  Once you start the call process, you should not stop; the skill continues for the entire time that you are in the industry. Practice and persistence will help you move […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – A Few Important Words About Cold Calling and Prospecting for New Clients

Many commercial real estate agents and brokers spend far too much time worrying about cold calling scripts and what to say as part of establishing a telephone prospecting process. The reality of the whole situation is that you simply need to have and implement a regular cold calling process and build the personal confidence to […]


Engage Your Prospecting Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage for Top Results

If you have chosen commercial real estate has a career, you will need to establish a prospecting model at a personal level.  Every working day that prospecting activity needs to occur to help you build your market share and opportunities.  Failure to start the process will delay your results and commissions. Approximately 1/3 your day […]

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