A Listing Routine that Pulls in More New Business

When you do a listing presentation in commercial or retail property, it pays to have a system covering the property type and location.  Every submission should be tuned to the place and the local area and that is something that you can do yourself.  Do you want a ‘competitive edge’ in your property market?  Look […]


Easy Ways to Find Commercial Real Estate Listings

In today’s video, we cover the issues surrounding identifying new commercial property opportunities to take to the market. There are always plenty of listings to find in a local area providing you diligently review property locations, people, investors, streets, and buildings. In other words, you talk to a lot of people on a daily basis […]

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How to Compile Effective Listing Presentation Packs in Commercial Real Estate Sales

As you move around your property market each day and talk to many people, the opportunity will regularly arise where you can pitch and present your ideas related to sales and the marketing of the client’s property. It directly follows that you should have all your presentation tools and ideas readily available to use and […]

New Business Ideas in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

We sometimes forget that our prospects and the people that we know are highly important and critical to our respective commercial real estate businesses. If we want to attract more business, then we should attract more of those valuable people and connect with them regularly.   That is how the industry works. Those people locally […]


How to Set and Understand Key Buying Criteria in Commercial Property

Inbound inquiry is a good thing to have and to work with as you as a local broker or agent market your commercial property listings.  Inquiry gives you momentum, and the source of your enquiry will be either your prospecting, listing marketing, and or your database interaction.  Get involved in your property market to boost […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – Why Confidence is a Key Factor in Winning New Property Listings

There are plenty of commercial real estate brokerage listings to locate and work with.  Focus your prospecting efforts within a defined location and property type.  Don’t spread yourself too far when it comes to prospecting activities and direct marketing.  It is far easier to find you listings when you focus within a zone and location.  […]

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