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The Untapped Gold Mine of Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate Today

In today’s video show, you can learn how to fire up your real estate business through a direct cold calling programme with property owners and property investors. You can also connect with more business owners in your location and throughout the territory. This video show will help you understand the advantages and the systemization behind […]

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A Better Way to Set Strategic Priorities in Commercial Real Estate This Year

As this new property market ‘opens up’ and the people we work with require sales and leasing activity, the best way forward in brokerage involves setting and sticking to particular priorities. Commercial real estate will offer plenty of opportunities this year. Finding them is a matter of setting those priorities at a personal level. Top […]


Finally a Follow Up Solution that Works in Commercial Real Estate

In commercial real estate brokerage, you must prioritise your connections with people and activate the follow-up activity or plan. In that way, you are more effective when it comes to your use of time and your creation of new business opportunities. Your time is your most valuable resource so use it well. How can you […]


How to Create Comprehensive Local Market Coverage in Brokerage

It doesn’t really matter when you start your commercial real estate activities and career; sure the property market changes and shifts, but most of the results that you get will be from personal business generation and prospecting. You are in control of that.  Take action in your allocated territory and find the better buildings and […]


Commercial Property Marketing – A Listing Focus Chart

The listing process in commercial property today is competitive, so every exclusively listed property should be uniquely promoted to the target market of buyers or tenants, as the case may be.  In this chart by John Highman, you can see the three essential elements of property promotion that we should never forget. Review all of […]

How to Reinvent Good Quality Commercial Property Marketing

All too often you see commercial or retail properties advertised for sale or lease with a soft message or a very mediocre advertising layout or property description.  The fact of the matter is that many property agents and salespeople have no real training in creating high-quality advertising copy.  That then creates a problem in the […]


Direct Mail Marketing Ideas for Commercial Real Estate Brokers

If you are looking to build some reasonable momentum as part of a commercial real estate prospecting process, then direct mail will be something to consider and merge into your business model. In saying that, there are rules to the process; reasonable levels of success can be obtained over time. The concept here is that […]

How to Write Commercial Property Adverts that Can Convert More Inbound Inquiry

In commercial real estate today the adverts that you create and publish should be special and unique to the location and the property type.  You really only have one chance at pulling in the interest of the reader to your property listing in your target market. (N.B. these ideas are also sent out to regularly […]

How to Reinforce Your Commercial Brokerage Successes with New Listings and Clients

When you get something right, or when you have converted a ‘win’ as a commercial real estate broker with a listing or client, talk about it and spread the word.  One good listing or a transaction is a reason to talk to other local people in a relevant and specific way. The people that we […]

How to Use Marketing Suspense in Your Commercial Property Campaigns

When you promote a commercial property for sale or lease, do so to a plan and a strategy. Build the suspense and the momentum in your marketing campaign so you are pulling in more people and inspection opportunities. You only really have ‘one shot’ at creating real marketing momentum, so everything that you do has […]

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