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Client Contact System for More Listings

To win listings in commercial real estate as an agent, your communication skills should be honed as part of your professional development plan. Top Agents contact their clients comprehensively and completely. Real estate marketing is not an experiment, and top clients want to use the best agents for a property type or location. Those are […]


Example of a Client Creation System

Your client list in commercial real estate is the foundation of just about everything you want to do and can achieve in the business. If success in commercial real estate is your focus, then read on. Spend more time in building your list of clients and use that list every day to produce more conversations. […]

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Ways to Establish a Client Contact System in Commercial Real Estate

What can you do to generate more clients in commercial real estate this year? The process involves a ‘system’ and that will be special to you and your location. In today’s video we share some ideas to help you with that process. Don’t struggle with your market share and listing opportunities anymore. Build some skills […]

Brokerage Videos

The Client Contact System That Drives New Business

If you are looking to grow your real estate business, then you must apply a client contact model to your real estate day and activities. In this video today, John Highman shares the fundamental rules and principals behind client contact and shows you how that can work in your real estate day. Note: You can […]

Brokerage Podcast

The Secrets of Building Client Collateral in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If you are wanting to grow and thrive in your real estate career as the property market changes, consider the approach and plan of action in this podcast that can help you grow your client collateral. Better client security can underpin your real estate business as things grow, shape, and change in the new real […]

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Client Connections for Your Business Needs

It is critical today that all commercial real estate agents get closer to clients and potential clients. The changes to the property market are creating property pressures for all. (Note: If you want to get our free resources in commercial real estate brokerage sales, leasing, and property management for agents around the World, you can […]

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