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The Best and Most Simple Cold Calling Script Ever

It is no secret that you can generate lots of new business in commercial real estate by making outbound cold calls. It is the system behind that which will help you get more momentum and results. In the podcast today, John Highman shares the simple and easy process of making direct prospecting calls to the […]

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How Cold Calling Makes an Instant Impact in Commercial Brokerage

Once you start making cold calls in commercial real estate, you’re going to need a way of processing conversations, people, and opportunities. In this property market, cold calling is the best way to get real estate momentum in brokerage. Want more help? Get our resources and brokerage updates here. One of the strategies we recommend […]


How to Achieve Cold Calling Excellence in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Over time I have written about, and spent a good deal of focus on cold call systems and processes.  In commercial real estate brokerage, the telephone is such an important part of finding and generating new clients and listings.  The telephone is convenient and cheap to use; a process of making more calls is required. […]


The 5 Cold Calling Commandments that Work in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

A lot of new agents and brokers in commercial real estate today struggle with the cold calling as part of a new business generation model. That is simply because they fail to master the process.  They do not recognize that prospecting via the telephone is an essential part of the property business; they then do […]


Making Progress in Cold Calling in Commercial Real Estate

Everyone knows what cold calling is and most will understand that the process is required in commercial real estate brokerage.  Getting to know lots of new people in the local property market can only be achieved through deliberate effort; the telephone helps with that. In many real estate brokerages, little training is given to salespeople […]

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