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A Competitive Advantage Formula for Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

There are six different factors in commercial real estate brokerage that can give you a competitive advantage. When you break it down like that, and in a chart like this, you can see where you can create your ‘edge’ and individual focus in commercial property activities. The message is that you can do more and […]

The Key Facts to Creating Your Competitive Edge in Brokerage

If you are working in or starting a career in commercial real estate brokerage now, then it is absolutely critical that you develop a personal marketing plan and skill development strategy at the earliest stages of your new job and career. Ready for some action? You have to see things, research facts, and talk to […]

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Key Strategies to Compete in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

As a broker or agent, in commercial real estate office and in your zone or territory you will have many factors of competition to contend with.  Other agents and brokers will be chasing your clients and listings, and the economy will always be changing.  Pressure points exist. So, what can you do?  You can create […]


How to Develop a Competitive Edge in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate brokerage, there will be plenty of competing pressures across your property market and within your territory.  There will be other agents chasing your business and your clients; your clients will quite likely be influenced by the confusing pressures of the property market and the economy.  They need help.  Keep control of […]


How You Can Crush Your Competition in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In most towns and cities there will be plenty of competition around when it comes to commercial real estate brokerage.  There are many agents chasing clients, listings and transactions.  The good thing is that most of them are rather random when it comes to process and focus. Understand your day The property market belongs to […]

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