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The Three Secrets to Listing Commercial Property Today

Today there are plenty of opportunities in the commercial real estate market. It is a cycle of change from the last 12 months of stagnation. This year there will be plenty of people returning to the market as either investors or owner-occupiers. To that end, the change in the churn of property listings is something […]

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Our Updated Listing System to Build Commercial Real Estate Business

Top agents have listing systems to take their real estate business forward.  They avoid the ‘peaks and troughs’ of the industry by sticking to a daily plan of activity that they implement.  They do that activity regardless of what is going on elsewhere, and in or across the local property economy.  Are you ready to […]

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Excellent Listing Strategies for Commercial Agents Today

There are many different motivations out there in the commercial property market now. New clients need help, and some are still to develop decisions with prices, marketing, time to sell, time to buy. Listing stock is starting to emerge in the property market with industrial property particularly. As always, industrial property is closely geared to […]

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Winning Listing Strategies for New Business Now

Become the expert in commercial real estate listings today by shaping new skills and ideas that can help you tap into the players and the properties today. (Note: If you are looking for listing ideas in commercial real estate brokerage today, you can get them here in our free course material.) What’s happening in this […]

Brokerage Podcast

Listing Results Masterplan for Brokerage Growth

When you focus specifically on your commercial real estate listings, you can create more opportunities over time. Every listing is an excuse to talk to a target market and a group of buyers or tenants as the case may be. You can do more with your real estate business when you take your listings and […]

Everything You Want to Know About Your Listing Numbers and Targets

If you are going to drive an exceptional commercial real estate business over time, in either sales or leasing, the best way to do that is by finding and controlling your listing stock and clients.  That means, finding the listings and controlling them before other agents get involved.  Exclusivity is the active word to consider […]

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