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Real Estate Indicators for Agents Today

In commercial real estate and as an agent, it is easy to get overwhelmed with facts and activities. If that happens to you without some degree of control, then your property business suffers. Always keep your brokerage activities simple and direct. Do the simple things frequently. Stay on task so you can give some direction […]


The Fastest-Growing U.S. Cities for Commercia l Real Estate

The real estate market has changed wildly over the last two years. During the pandemic, many businesses didn’t have the funds to invest in commercial buildings. As restrictions lifted, people started moving to new locations, stimulating markets that hadn’t previously been centres for real estate growth. Two years after pandemic-inspired lockdowns, commercial real estate is […]

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Discovering New Property Market Trends

There are constant changes in the commercial property market. The prices and rental rates of commercial and retail properties are moving based on the availability and demand for each. It is imperative as agents that we understand and track the property market trends in every town, city, or community. In times like these, a commercial […]


10 Best Commercial Real Estate Markets in 2021

As part of their first-ever Forecast Summit for Commercial Real Estate, the National Association of Realtors have unveiled the top 10 leading commercial real estate markets for 2021. Photo by Rachel Chow on Unsplash These US cities have been selected after careful consideration of 25 key indicators regarding the area’s demographic, economic, housing and commercial […]

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