The Secrets of Successful Effort in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

If you want to be ‘great’ in your commercial real estate brokerage career, then some real actions and strategies are required.  The effort is required consistently on certain activities to allow the right things to come together.  That effort must be honed to property results and findings with listings and commissions. The best results in […]


Commercial Real Estate Career Video – Trends and Opportunities

A commercial real estate career can (and should be) very rewarding.  In saying that the ‘rewards’ only come when an agent or broker has the ‘system’ of brokerage under control and that will be a balance of things including these: Talking to new people every day Connecting with clients and prospects into the future Researching […]

Faster Ways to Create More Commercial Property Sales

It is a fact that commercial property sales are generally cyclical as part of the overall investment cycles available to property investors today.    There will be peaks and troughs in the property market in any town or city, so a broker or agent should know how to read the ‘cycles’ of investment, occupancy, and development. […]


Entry Level Commercial Agent Property Sales Tips

When you start work as a real estate agent specialising in commercial property sales, it is a bit of a challenge to know where to start.  Other salespeople in the team will tell you many confusing things to direct your career; some of those agents will be good role models, whilst others will complicate your […]


Commercial Real Estate Sales Agent – Get Market Knowledge to Fast Track Your Career

In this commercial property market, there are so many pressures and changes going on at any one time with property prices, rents, and availability.  The local commercial real estate agent has to stay on top of the market trends and activities to win listings.  It is the local market information and knowledge that will help […]


Commercial Real Estate Sales Team Competency Today

In commercial real estate brokerage, there are particular actions that will allow you to succeed and progress in the industry. As part of a sales team, you can always improve things in moving ahead. Choose to improve your actions deliberately. You will already likely know what works for you, and what you are struggling with. Understand […]

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