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How Modern Work Trends are Transforming Property Management

Rarely in the past have work models changed so quickly as in the last few years. The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the diffusion of remote and hybrid word models, as well as giving a boost to the gig economy. Both employers and workers are increasingly looking for flexibility and a new workplace that cultivates this […]

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How Cloud Based Security Technology is Transforming Real Estate Management

Since the pandemic, more and more businesses have adopted cloud-based technologies to support remote and hybrid working. But how is cloud-based technology evolving in the security sphere, and how is this changing real estate management? Keep reading as we discuss the top evolvements in cloud-based security technology and how this is transforming real estate management […]

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Impact of Hybrid Security Systems on Multi-Site Commercial Management

Multi-site commercial management poses many problems you need to consider in your security planning. Are you doing enough to make your security systems scalable? Scalability and ease of use are a priority for any security plan. Do you want to learn how hybrid security systems facilitate multi-site commercial property management? Keep reading. Here we will […]

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Industrial & Commercial Security Gate Systems & Designs

A security gate is a crucial part of the perimeter protection and access control for any industrial or commercial facility or project. In real estate, physical barriers ward off trespassers and other wrongdoers and enhance a building’s security. Effective security gate systems and designs enable flawless movement for the authorized. But to the unauthorized, they […]

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