Listing Pitch with a Competitive Advantage

In this real estate market, clients must first ‘purchase’ you as an agent, with your property skills, your ideas and your offerings before they will list with you. Your listing pitch should be refined and tuned to the client’s situation. Building a ‘convincing’ agent persona is a competitive advantage in commercial real estate and is […]

Brokerage Sales

How to Plan a Sales Day and Timetable

The commercial real estate brokerage process is quite specific when you think about it. You have your available time, your listings, and your clients. From that, you can establish a timetable approach to getting more results with your better listings. Improve your time and your activities to a system or focus each day. With good […]


The Ultimate Contact Strategy for Reaching Commercial Real Estate Investors

Investment property sales and the local property investors in your location are valuable segments of property churn and change that you can tap into.  There are good listings and ongoing sales opportunities to find. Focus on the larger buildings and the better locations, if this is the segment of property for you as an agent […]

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