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The Keys to Staying Motivated in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Your time is your most valuable resource in commercial real estate today. There are always plenty of things to do each day with that. Somewhere through all of that confusion and pressure, your time focus has to take you through with consistency and progress. Progress is an important word here because every day there should […]


What Everyone Needs to Know About Priorities in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

It is so easy to get distracted and diverted from important tasks in commercial real estate brokerage.  People want your time, your comments, and your focus.   The more listings you get and also clients to serve, the pressures then escalate.  Time is your most valuable resource and it simply cannot be wasted.  Every working day […]

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How to Work Ahead of Deadlines in Sales – Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

In commercial real estate sales, there are plenty of deadlines to work to as a property is prepared for listing, marketing, and negotiation.  When you have a good number of active listings, the deadlines can then become frequent and frustrating.  In saying that, you cannot be successful as an agent or broker, without working to […]

How to Best Use Your Time in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage Sales

It is all too easy to waste time in commercial real estate brokerage.  There are so many things happening each day that threaten the focus of even the most diligent of agents.  Loss of focus leads to a loss of client contact, market share, and commissions.  I guess you know the importance of these things?  […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokerage – The Importance of Taking Daily Action

In commercial real estate brokerage, the fast track to results in both client and listing activity is through taking daily action to a prospecting plan and a process of ongoing contact.   Daily action gets the results, or at the very least will allow you to see what is working and not working in business generation.  […]

Commercial Real Estate Brokers – Manage Your Diary for the Best Results in New Business

As a commercial real estate agent or broker working with property listings and commissions, it pays to consider your diary regularly in a timely and efficient way. Look at the diary for the week ahead and see how many appointments you really have made with people of property relevance. Are you wasting time in your […]

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