Key Commission Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

Earning more commission in commercial real estate brokerage is supported by a process and that process is very personal.  There are plenty of commissions to be had in sales and leasing, and the commissions in property management are also lucrative.  So what’s your plan? Look into your town or city and identify where you can […]


Profitable Commercial Real Estate Commission and Fee Ratios

If you as an agent are paid a salary or retainer in commercial real estate, then the commissions you earn will need to be at least three times that base cost for the average brokerage to remain viable. The issue here is that the on-costs and profit required running a commercial real estate brokerage are […]


Top Commission Formulas in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage

When you work as an agent or broker in commercial real estate, the commission that you earn can be a critical part of your business structure.  Understand and choose your commission rewards based on your levels of achievement and market share. Here are some facts about commission: You will only earn greater commissions when you […]

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